The CASA - museu do objeto brasileiro (Brazilian object museum) opens its doors for the second time to welcome the Brazilian contemporary jewelry.

JOURNEY becomes the appropriate name for this exhibition. Artists, designers, and artisans, as you may wish to call them, from almost the whole country show their pieces of work invented during the 20th century and first decade of the 21st century. Amelia Toledo honors us with part of her collection produced since the 40s.

Expressions in matter and shape use the human body as a support for their interventions; sometimes they borrow from other bodies, for example, the vegetable one as in the latex bracelets hugging the trunk of a tree.

The contemporary Brazilian piece of jewelry unlinks itself from the colonial jewelry. It makes its own way; it does not lose its identity.

The exhibition is followed by a body performance, with six dancers, and a musical one by percussionist Caito Marcondes. Let us take this journey!


mob: +55 11 9 9947 2177